Hikvision Lens MLV-HY-2-110-AVP

Hikvision MVL-HY-2-110 Lens

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The Hikvision MVL-HY-2-110 is a high resolution c-mount lens with a 2.000 amplification factor for use in machine vision applications.


The Hikvision MVL-HY-2-110 is an 8mm c-mount lens with a 2.000 amplification factor. This lens is compatible with all Hikvision Machine Vision cameras.

Amplification Factor 2.000
Object NA 0.026
Maximum Image Format Φ1/2" (Φ8 mm)
TV Distortion 0.002
Lamp Connector ---
Operating Temperature 14° to 122° F (-10° to 50° C)
Specification Macro-fixed-time lens
Mount C-mount
ƒ/No. 0.1° = Telecentricity
Flange Length .69 in (17.526 mm)
Focal Length 4.331 in (110 mm) = Working Distance
Dimensions Φ0.630 x 0.170 in (Φ16 x 73.8 mm)
Object to Image Distance 7.926 in (201.326 mm)
Field of View (1/3") 3 mm/2.4 mm/1.8 mm
Field of View (1/2") 4 mm/3.2 mm/2.4 mm