Hikvision MV-CB060-10UM camera image

Hikvision MV-CB060-10UM, Board Level Camera

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Single board design, flexible configuration
USB 3.0 interface provides 3 Gbps bandwidth
Supports auto exposure control, LUT and gamma correction
Cameras can be synchronized with hard trigger and soft trigger
Different exposure modes
Embed special color interpolation algorithm which reproduces color performance better and supports auto white balance function
Compatible with USB 3.0 vision (V1.0), can be supported


AVP offers the MV-CB060-10UM by Hikvision, a high quality 6MP board level camera.  Uses include electronic semiconductor fabrication, factory automation, quality inspection, and other commercial uses.

Free USPS shipping within the US.  Six (6) month warranty.


Image Sensor IMX178
Pixel Size 2.4um x 2.4um
Sensor Size 1/1.8"
Resolution 3072 x 2048
Frame Rate 50 fps
Dynamic Range
Gain Range
Exposure Time 27μ-2.5 sec.
Shutter Mode Rolling shutter. Auto-exposure, Manual exposure, and one-key exposure
Data Interface  USB3.0
General Purpose I/O  Bi-directional non-isolated I/O *2
Image Buffer  128MB
Data Format Mono 8/10/10p/12/12p
Power <2W@5VDC, Voltage 5-15VDC, USB3.0 power supply supported
Temperature Working Temperature 0-50°C -- Storage Temperature -30 - 80°C
Dimension 35 x 35 x 25.7mm
Weight Approx. 37g
Lens Interface C-Mount
Software MVS or Third-Party Software supporting USB3.0 Vision Product
Operating System Windows XP/7/10 --- 32/64 bits
Compliance USB3.0 Vision
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS